What We Do

We offer a wide range of intermediates and APIs and provide contract manufacturing services to diverse clients. Our client base includes industry leaders who trust our high quality Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients and Intermediates for their global markets.


Business Focus

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We utilize dedicated facilities for producing APIs backed by a robust R&D team, QBD processes, and regulatory documentation for global markets, thereby having complete control over the consistency and quality of the APIs.


Being a vertically integrated API manufacturer, intermediates are our area of expertise. With fully dedicated capacity, high volume efficiency, and a range of reactors, we offer high-quality intermediates for emerging and regulated markets.

Contract Manufacturing

Our high-scale and varied multipurpose reactors at our manufacturing facilities give our customers a one-stop solution for all their custom manufacturing needs. Some of the largest pharmaceutical businesses in the sector choose and trust us for their APIs and intermediates.


Community and Environmental Accountability

The objective of our organizational transformation effort is to create a culture of safe operations and adhere to the social and environmental responsibilities of pharmaceutical manufacturing. We recognize the value of protecting the environment and giving back to the neighborhood. Our efforts include resource management that is ethical in addition to conforming with statutory standards.

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